The Importance for Management-Level Employees of Networking With a Professional Search Agency

By | June 1, 2017

When a manager or executive unexpectedly receives a call from a Professional search firm for the first time, this person may feel conflicted about how to respond. Executive recruiters put forth substantial effort to find new prospects for their clients, which means they often call high-level employees who haven’t registered with the agency. An employee may feel very satisfied with the current position, organization and location, and thus not inclined to pursue other opportunities. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to keep the door open for an opportunity that could prove to be ideal for career advancement.

Unless someone is 100-percent dedicated to staying with the organization he or she works for, it’s probable that positions with other companies will be attractive one day. It’s never to early to start communicating with executive recruiters with firms like Kaye/Bassman. The individual is not obligated to accept positions, go to interviews or even to apply for jobs. The agency functions as a networking opportunity that may be extremely useful one day. For instance, if this person has always had a dream of wanting to move to a certain region or specific city, that can be communicated to the recruiting agency and noted in the file. Someone working 50 or 60 hours a week doesn’t always have time to keep an eye on new open positions in other locations, and that’s especially true when someone also has family obligations and participates in volunteer or recreational activities outside of work.

Another factor to consider is that the U.S. economy still is far from its previous heyday. People understand that jobs are rarely secure, especially at the level that was true for the parents of baby boomers. Corporations downsize and lay off employees ranging from assembly line workers to middle managers. They eliminate positions after people quit or retire, leaving little opportunity for an employee to advance within the organization. They strongly encourage older workers to retire early. Having built a positive relationship with an executive recruiting firm is advantageous for any high-level employee who is suddenly caught in these types of situations. They know the recruiters long before they ever have a need for the service.